In order to help you to plan the machine maintenance, Technovide service has different kind of services like : leak detection with trace gas (helium), PVD machine maintenance management and refurbishment

Leak detection service is a new product that we decided to offer regarding the regular customers demand. To certify components in watch industry or to check industrial installations or PVD systems, this service allows you to make sure that you have no leak without investing in a leak detector. We can check your installation within 24h everywhere in Switzerland.


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Maintenance and checks
Technovide Service is able to do any kind of maintenance on PVD and Reactive-Ion Etching systems.
Standard exchange, mechanical parts maintenance and set up of new parts are some the services provided by Technovide Services

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Give a second life to your actual system…

Beside maintenance services we have another service that we can offer to you. It is called refurbishment. After an on-site expertise with you to define the operational framework, we realize studies in workshop and the components for our intervention. The aim of this intervention is to limit system downtime and any inconvenience caused.

Naturally, the complying with electrical regulations is also one of the the guidline of this operation.

According to the cases, retrofitting can be made either on customer site or by repatriating the system in our factory. Our technical experts are able to answer to all of your questions owing to our accumulated experiences. Retrofit can therefore sustaining your machine but can also be the opportunity to install new functionality.

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