The Modul’He is a modular leak testing system predicated on helium spectrometry technology. It results from a constructive know-how developed over more than 20 years alongside with all the most dynamic technological industries.

The hallmark of the Modul’He system is reliability, cost-effectiveness and moreover, a great flexibility. It has been developed to match the very needs of each and every industries such as Automotive, Energy, Aviation industry, Medical, Electronics, Air conditioning and Industrial refrigeration.

A Modul’He consists in :

  • A standardised test bench adaptable to your needs,
  • An elaborated and ergonomic design that receives pressurisation, pumping, detection and HMI functions. The vacuum chamber can be either placed on the Modul’He main frame or on a dedicated frame,
  • A support to the evolution of your production. Indeed, it can be quickly adapted to new parts or increasing production flow !
  • An unique technology developed with care for you.