Cluster Tool CT200

Ultimate tool for the synthesis of thin films, CT200 is the latest tool designed by our engineering department. It presents and highlights our know-how accumulated over 20 years.

Versatile and scalable equipment by definition, the heart of the tool is a central transfer chamber equipped with a dedicated vacuum robot. This chamber is the link between each process module connected through SEMI valve. Our decision to develop our own solution is a plain success.

The central module can be connected to a wide range of process module, isolated from each other to avoid any particulate contamination :

  • Load lock introduction (SEMI or dedicated cassette);
  • Dry etching system (RIE);
  • Planar deposition chamber;
  • Convergent-deposition chamber;
  • E-beam gun module (up configuration system);

In up configuration, it is possible to work with vacuum evaporation modules with eletron beam, for example.

Summed up in two words :

  • Performances,
  • Ergonomics,
  • Reduced maintenance.

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