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ADIXEN – ASM 310 Leak detector

The ASM 310 is a compact, robust and user-friendly helium leak detector.

detecteur-fuite-helium-mobileIt includes a oil free pumping system, a turbo-molecular pump, the detector and its analyser cell and a touchscreen display (HMI).

The ASM 310 benefits from all the advantages of the ASM 340 with an increased comfort of use. With its wide and dynamic touchscreen display, you’ll get realtime curves and synoptics of the ongoing test cycle. All the important parameters are quickly accessible with a simple click.



Technical data :

  • detectable leak rate
    • Vacuum mode –  5·10-13 mbar.l.s-1
    • Sniffing mode – 1·10-8 mbar.l.s-1
  • Mass spectrometer tuned on helium mass
  • oil free pumping system
  • Roughing capacity – 1.7 m³/h
  • 21 Kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 350 x 254 x 415



P300 – Surface activation

By definition all surface treatments require special attention to the first atomic layer.

The first step to any surface treatments, being PVD or other coatings, consists in a phase of cleaning and / or followed by surface activation.

Various types of plasma excitation are available depending on the nature of the workpieces or substrates and the expected result.

Whether by microwave, LF (Low Frequency) or RF (Radio Frequency), the P300 is the solution. Newborn in the Alliance Concept product range, the P300 is a versatile plasma surface activation system which proposes to the end-user the choice between the previous three technologies. Configurable in terms of pumping and gas lines, it ensures an easy on-site commissioning.

Thanks to a user friendly touch screen control interface, the P300 is easy to use and adapt to.

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The Modul’He is a modular leak testing system predicated on helium spectrometry technology. It results from a constructive know-how developed over more than 20 years alongside with all the most dynamic technological industries.

The hallmark of the Modul’He system is reliability, cost-effectiveness and moreover, a great flexibility. It has been developed to match the very needs of each and every industries such as Automotive, Energy, Aviation industry, Medical, Electronics, Air conditioning and Industrial refrigeration.

A Modul’He consists in :

  • A standardised test bench adaptable to your needs,
  • An elaborated and ergonomic design that receives pressurisation, pumping, detection and HMI functions. The vacuum chamber can be either placed on the Modul’He main frame or on a dedicated frame,
  • A support to the evolution of your production. Indeed, it can be quickly adapted to new parts or increasing production flow !
  • An unique technology developed with care for you.

Cluster Tool CT200

Ultimate tool for the synthesis of thin films, CT200 is the latest tool designed by our engineering department. It presents and highlights our know-how accumulated over 20 years.

Versatile and scalable equipment by definition, the heart of the tool is a central transfer chamber equipped with a dedicated vacuum robot. This chamber is the link between each process module connected through SEMI valve. Our decision to develop our own solution is a plain success.

The central module can be connected to a wide range of process module, isolated from each other to avoid any particulate contamination :

  • Load lock introduction (SEMI or dedicated cassette);
  • Dry etching system (RIE);
  • Planar deposition chamber;
  • Convergent-deposition chamber;
  • E-beam gun module (up configuration system);

In up configuration, it is possible to work with vacuum evaporation modules with eletron beam, for example.

Summed up in two words :

  • Performances,
  • Ergonomics,
  • Reduced maintenance.

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EVA 760

Thanks to its large volume, the EVA760 system can be set up using awide range of complex configurations.
This configurable equipment as well as all the others products of the range, can handle a large number of substrates per run.

Its generously sized pumping system ensures a high throughput.

Combined optical and mechanical (quartz) thickness measurement, ion assisted deposition (IAD), co-evaporation, partial pressures regulation through RGA, glow discharge… are some of the great features that can be integrated into your system.


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Multi-cathode DP 850

Alliance Concept – DP 850 : from research to industry…

DP850 system is oriented towards production tasks. With a source configuration with up to 6 x 200 mm magnetron cathodes, it enables the manufacturing of complex multilayers in automatic mode.

The load lock optimizes time cycle and quality of the deposited films.

As a matter of fact, we have also made a few of these DP850 systems with their 850 mm vacuum chamber diameter for research applications that require a source configuration with more than 10 x 2’’ cathodes.



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